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All of us have strong connections to a place, anchored in memory of our time spent there.

For me, it's mostly places throughout the Pacific Northwest, from the rural homestead where I was raised to the mountain landscapes I've hiked. And lately, the expansive ocean beaches and headlands that form my "backyard."

Looking ahead, I'm planning a trip to see new places and make new memories with all 5 of my sisters in the fall of 2024. With a couple milestone birthdays in our group next September, we dreamed up the idea to visit Europe, some for the very first time. We've never before taken a trip all together, and certainly nothing as ambitious as this!

As a working artist with unpredictable income, I have been thinking of how to work a "second shift" dedicated to this trip. After swapping travel stories lately with friends, it came to me that we all have these memories of wonderful places we've been and I really enjoy making custom mosaics, in particular when they include beautiful places with meaning. In the past I've made commemorative pieces for newlyweds of places where they fell in love, a colorful Mexican cityscape with family roots, a portrait of the Washington state wheat farm where another client grew up, and a mosaic rendering of the beloved Oregon mountain trail that one friend regularly volunteers to maintain. And many, many coastal landscape mosaics.

We all have piles of digital photos from places we've been and hope to remember. Places hold powerful memories that sustain us long past the time we visited. Now imagine having one of those photos transformed into an original glass mosaic, and helping to send an artist you know on a once-in-a-lifetime trip in the process! Click here to learn more.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and consider my project. If you want to support my effort in a smaller way, stay tuned for upcoming items to be featured in coming months at different levels (cards, prints, etc.) I'm always grateful for words of encouragement too, and sharing this post is free!

(Source photo for this custom mosaic of the Pacific Crest Trail -credit to Karyn Pressel)


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