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A Watershed Trilogy

In a series of three related works, follow the movement of water through a coastal watershed.

3 watershed mosaics by Joanne Daschel
Upland, Wetland, Aquatic - a mosaic watershed trilogy

First, the rain falls heavily on the headlands and Coast Range foothills as the incoming storms run into these landforms. Towering forests of Sitka spruce, western hemlock, western red cedar and red alder cover the landscape, while delicate ferns and native understory plants like wild ginger form a soft wet carpet beneath.

‘Upland’ is followed by ‘Wetland’ and ‘Aquatic’ in this journey through the watershed. These three mosaics are made with stained glass and smalti, the traditional hand-made mosaic glass of Venice and now, Mexico. Each piece was hand-cut to fit.  Each mosaic artwork is 12″w x 24″ tall.

After falling in the highlands of the coastal watershed, water flows downhill via a network of small streams and creeks to intermediate, partially submerged boggy areas commonly known as wetlands. This important part of the watershed ecosystem serves as a filter for surface water and provides the conditions needed to sustain plants like Skunk Cabbage, glowing brightly among the grassy sedges.

My journey through a coastal watershed finishes at the water’s edge. Before it reaches the sea, the water that has flowed down from coastal foothils and through wetlands collects in coastal lakes, ponds and streams. Before it moves from there to the rivers that empty into the Pacific Ocean, these important water bodies provide a respite for migrating salmon and habitat for aquatic plants like these pond lilies.


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