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A Day's Catch

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

When we moved to the Oregon coast, I was inspired to learn how to catch my dinner. In the land of Dungeness crab, we were quickly introduced to an easy and fun method for catching them right off the Siletz Bay beach using a locally-made trap and a bit of bait. Soon we were regulars, heading down with our simple gear and 5-gallon bucket. Many days the catch was non-existent but the scenery and friendly banter with other crabbers made it worthwhile.

And then occasionally my hubby would make a more serious effort, actually launching his small aluminum boat into one of the local bays and staying out there for hours. On those days, my job was awaiting the arrival of the mighty fisherman after a warning call to "get the water boiling" ahead of the catch landing in our kitchen. At least once, we were cooking at midnight!

This mosaic is comprised of stained glass and smalti (the traditional mosaic glass), with the difference in the materials' thickness providing relief so that the smalti crab appears to lie atop the pile. Stained glass areas are grouted, and the smalti (Mexican, Perdomo) ungrouted.


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