A New Lease

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

Today I’m happy to announce a big step in my path as an artist. A new studio. There are exciting possibilities in this move, but it is bittersweet. For the past several years, I’ve worked in my tiny garden studio since taking a short class from a wonderful teacher, Jan Miller. She alone is responsible […]

Borrowed scenery

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

Much of my work is inspired by the garden tended by my own hands. Just as inspiring (if not more so) are the wild areas that surround me. It’s easy to appreciate the grandeur of the coastal headlands and beaches on this stretch of the Oregon coast. Places that require more time, developing a relationship […]

Working in series

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

This month I am remembering last January when I took on the 30 Mosaics in 30 Days challenge, inspired by painter Leslie Saeta’s campaign to get us busy in our studios. Twice a year, she hosts an open event on her blog encouraging other artists to create a daily piece and post the resulting piece […]

New Year, New York!

Posted on Jan 11, 2015

We started 2015 in an unusual manner; normally this is a holiday that finds us home.  This year we enjoyed a few days over New Year’s at the other edge of the continent, in NYC! I make a point every year to embark on a New Year’s Day hike wherever I happen to be.  Central […]

A Farmers’ Market Christmas

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

In this Christmas week, many of us are scurrying about for last-minute gifts in time for the upcoming family gathering. Lucky for me, I come from a family of makers. Several years ago my sister came up with the idea of a “Farmers’ Market Christmas.” With nine grown kids in our family, parents, spouses and […]

Waves of color below the surface

Posted on Dec 6, 2014

Sometimes instead of working with a design in mind, I let the materials speak to me. In the last couple months I’ve been working a good deal with vibrant warm colors reflecting the colors of fall harvest. Meanwhile a jar of blue smalti was beckoning from a high shelf. Smalti is an expensive material so […]

Late Harvest

Posted on Oct 20, 2014
Late Harvest

In recognition of the generous harvest we enjoyed this fall, I am making three 8″ tiles highlighting some standouts from the field: Italian prune plums, Liberty apples and green figs. These intensely colored fruits in the golden light of autumn caught my eye as the buckets steadily filled.  Now that most of the canning, freezing and drying is […]

On Kindness

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

Sometimes a kind person appears in your life out of the blue. Recently I was contacted by an artist I know– previously only by virtue of a Facebook artist group– because she wanted to give me a piece of her art.  What? Like, when does that ever happen?  A person whose work you admire, but […]

Where did the time go?

Posted on Sep 7, 2014

A glorious summer has swiftly marched into fall… I know by the clouds of fruit flies swarming my little kitchen. Yes, it’s canning season, time for beans to get dilly and tomatoes to get sauced. And this year my transformation of the backyard hedgerow has finally borne fruit, quite literally. A boring row of arborvitae […]

Summer’s here… welcome to the beach!

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

Just for my readers, a sneak peek of the new work I’m delivering tomorrow to the Artists’ Co-op Gallery in Lincoln City for the summer rehanging. Some of my favorite beach locales. One more is on the workbench, stay tuned for more detail on these!

Working with transparent glass in mosaic

Posted on Jun 13, 2014
Working with transparent glass in mosaic

Opaque glass is usually the material of choice for creating mosaic on a solid substrate, like cement board. Partially this is because the substrate and adhesive are not necessarily attractive, and the artist wishes to keep it hidden from the viewer. In particular if mesh is used for transferring the design, it’s important to use […]

Pink blossoms = spring theory

Posted on Mar 14, 2014
Pink blossoms = spring theory

This week I’m reminded of my theory that nature issues color in waves. Studying horticulture several years back, I noticed that as flowers emerged in spring and summer, many were sporting the same hue at the same time. I’ve never figured out if this is a biological fact or just an impression. Like when you […]