Sweet Cherries mosaic wall art
A taste of Oregon in late June brings many delights, with sweet cherries right at the top of the list! Bings get all the attention but the complex flavor is found in Royal Ann and Rainier cherries, ripening from golden yellow to deep rosy red. I made this mosaic from life, outside with the cherries spilling across a weathered cedar table and the light shifting as I worked.
This handmade mosaic of Sweet Cherries is crafted with beautiful stained glass. Some pieces may display the rolled edge of the stained glass sheet, and some are highly textured.

This mosaic was made with no grout between the glass pieces to muddy the effect of the highly textured material, creating a more 3-dimensional effect than grouted mosaics. Each piece was cut by hand with traditional tools and applied to the tile backing with charcoal-tinted thinset mortar.  
This 6" square  unique piece was created as part of a series of works by Joanne Daschel for an exhibit, "60 Works in 60 Days" for which she made one mosaic each day. There are a very limited number of pieces still available from this exhibit and they are all listed in this shop. 
The backing material is ceramic tile, the edges are painted matte black and there is a d-ring hanger installed on the back. It is signed by the artist and bears the day-number from the 60 days.

Sweet Cherries mosaic wall art