REFILL Project Kit: Floral Suncatcher

If you enjoyed making your first floral suncatcher from my complete kit and want to make another, this is for you! Click here for the COMPLETE kit.


Floral suncatchers are a colorful addition to your window, and a great way to step up from a nightlight kit, or even as your first beginner project. I'm adding some extra features into this kit like detailed, flower-specific cutting guides and a color reference for your design. You'll get to choose from 12 different floral designs, inspired by my Oregon garden.


In this "REFILL" kit you will receive only the items needed to create your second suncatcher, with no additional MAC glue since the first bottle is more than enough to do multiple projects. Please only order this REFILL kit after you have ordered the complete kit, as you will need the video and printed instructions, along with glue, in order to follow the steps.


REFILL Kit includes:

  • 8” round clear glass substrate, with hanging holes pre-drilled

  • Paper design template

  • Color reference for design

  • Stained glass variety in colors selected for your design

  • Polyblend sanded grout, color charcoal (Custom Brands)

  • Wooden craft sticks for mixing grout, and a couple shop towels for cleaning


You will need:

  • Masking tape

  • Wheeled nippers

  • Small container for grout mixing

  • Small bottle of water

  • Paper towels or soft cloth that will get thrown away

  • Newspaper or other table covering


Recommended but not required:

  • Safety glasses/goggles or nipping bag (see video)

  • Bench brush for sweeping away glass crumbs

  • Protective rubber gloves, or disposable gloves

  • Bucket for washing grout off of things

  • Your choice of chain, wire or fishing line to hang your finished piece

  • Stiff nylon brush

  • White vinegar for cleaning



  • Tweezers

REFILL Project Kit: Floral Suncatcher

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