'Winter Fruit: Pomegranate' ©2015 Joanne Daschel

‘Winter Fruit: Pomegranate’ ©2015 Joanne Daschel

STOLEN IN LINCOLN CITY, OREGON – MAY 2015. PLEASE REPORT TO ME IF YOU SEE THIS PIECE. Pomegranates love heat. Living on the Oregon coast, try as I might, the heat they crave is not available. My little patio pomegranate lives in the greenhouse, or on a sunny deck, flowers, then falls dormant. Fortunately I am able to buy lovely poms in the grocery store in December, along with other remarkable fruits of winter.

This mosaic is created with Venetian and Mexican smalti, the traditional mosaic glass of Europe. The smalti design is outlined with black glass tile, standing in contrast to the natural gray “Iron Mountain” slate background.

Each piece of glass and stone is hand-cut and applied directly onto ceramic tile, using tinted thinset and no grout, for a highly textured effect. The piece is approximately 8″ square, signed on the back, and includes hanging hardware.