'Agave''Barrel Cactus''Prickly Pear''Saguaro Bud''Aloe Garden'

These mosaics of desert plants were created in January 2014 during my 30 Mosaics in 30 Days challenge.  Read more about the challenge here. Each stained-glass mosaic is on a 6″ porcelain tile substrate.

The smooth, succulent texture of agave leaves contrasts with the scalloped, spiny margins. A spiny Golden Barrel Cactus is backlit by the waning winter sun. Prickly pear leaves remind me of the quilts we used to make with my mom and grandma. This is a little study of their texture, getting ready to bloom. The saguaro cactus mosaic was inspired by a trip to South Mountain park in Phoenix AZ. Flame-colored flowers top a spiky planting of aloe in the Desert Botanical Garden, casting long winter shadows.