Wetland mosaic by Joanne Daschel 2015


After falling in the highlands of the coastal watershed, water flows downhill via a network of small streams and creeks to intermediate, partially submerged boggy areas commonly known as wetlands. This important part of the watershed ecosystem serves as a filter for surface water and provides the conditions needed to sustain plants like Skunk Cabbage, glowing brightly among the grassy sedges.

‘Upland’ is followed by ‘Wetland’ and ‘Aquatic’ in this journey through a coastal watershed.

This mosaic is made with stained glass and smalti, the traditional hand-made mosaic glass of Venice and Cuernavaca, Mexico. Each piece was hand-cut to fit. ┬áThe mosaic artwork is 12″w x 24″ tall, signed on the back and ready to hang indoors or outdoors (above freezing temperatures).

Additional information

Dimensions 12 x 24 in