‘Rising’ – a full moon mosaic

‘Rising’ is a mosaic made with stained glass and smalti. This is an original work with no reproductions.


full moon mosaic

‘Rising’ by Joanne Daschel

On the western edge of the continent, there is real darkness to be found at night.

A few years back (and other years since) I joined a group from my local watershed council and headed out onto the still water of the Salmon River estuary at dusk. We paddled with excited anticipation of the moment ahead: a full moon over the river. This was August, and a “blue moon” was to appear this evening.

I had borrowed a friend’s kayak, which happened to be deep blue, and we paddled upriver in the shallow water, enjoying the mellow breeze and mix of shorebirds along the river edges. Slowly the sky darkened and our brightly-colored boats faded in the low light.

Much of the time we just sat, quietly bobbing in the stillness and near total darkness. And then a light appeared, behind the foothills of the Coast Range, slowly climbing and brightening the sky minute by minute.  Here was the blue moon at last.  All the friendly chatter ceased as we took in the alchemy of sky, water and wonder– a moment to remember how small yet connected we are with the universe and each other.

‘Rising’ is a mosaic made with stained glass (the water) and smalti, the traditional mosaic glass of Italy and Mexico.  Smalti makes up the sky, bow of the kayak and light reflection. It is a unique, handmade material that is cut one piece at a time with traditional mosaic tools (the hammer and hardie).

Details: 9″wide x 18″ high, glass on tile backer board substrate (Wedi) with hanging hardware installed, signed by the artist. This is an original work with no reproductions. Weight is approximately 4 lbs. It is offered for $550 at the Volta Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon. Shipping arrangements are available.