‘Nelscott Reef’



NelscottReef Mosaic by JoanneDaschel‘Nelscott Reef’ ©2014 Joanne Daschel – stained glass mosaic on cement board, $395 includes shipping in continental USA. 16″ square. May be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Every winter the top big-wave surfers from around the world descend on our small Oregon coast town of Lincoln City.  A near-shore reef generates impressive conditions for these brave souls who are towed out by wave runner.

This mosaic is made with stained glass, and unique to this piece, recovered glass from the Jennifer Sears Art Glass Foundry in Lincoln City, made by Kelly Howard.  This special glass forms the big wave.  White marble is used for the sea foam.  Each piece was hand-cut and fitted into place.


NelscottReef-detail of mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Before grouting, this detail shows unique texture of the handmade glass.

Additional information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 in