Click on the slideshow below for a look at my artistic process, step-by-step.

  • Selecting source materials Selecting source materials Every composition begins with source photos or live subject for sketching.
  • Pencil sketch - composition Pencil sketch - composition At this stage it's important to really think through the composition, arranging elements to work on the chosen format. In this case there was a wooden Lazy Susan base on which the mosaic was designed.
  • Color selection Color selection Adding color to the pencil sketch is another opportunity to make critical choices and think about what combinations work well together. It's a good idea to start planning on grout color and painted edges.
  • Selecting glass Selecting glass After the color sketch is complete, the available glass on hand is sorted into trays by specific color groups. Not just blue or green, but all the variations in between here. Photographing is helpful to go back and see what combinations look best.
  • Laying in the design Laying in the design Not all mosaics are built with this technique, but in this case sticky fiberglass mesh is taped down over the color sketch. Then pieces are stuck on the mesh as they are cut. The mesh allows pieces to be repositioned numerous times.
  • Finalizing the glass layout Finalizing the glass layout When all the glass has been stuck in place and the layout is satisfactory, the mesh is carefully removed from the backing board in preparation for adhering to the substrate.
  • Choosing a background color Choosing a background color If the background color or painted details are difficult to select, it can be helpful to photograph and pull up the image in photo editing software. On the photo, various sample colors can be trialed.
  • Thinset and grout Thinset and grout After the completed glass and mesh design is adhered to the base, the next step is grouting. With drying times, this can take a few days for these steps to be done properly.
  • Finishing the artwork Finishing the artwork At this stage, there is a good deal of time in cleaning off any extra grout, sealing the grout, painting and sealing edges, and attaching hardware. A piece like this can take over a week from start to finish.


  1. Julie Hollen
    May 18, 2015

    I would love to take a workshop in the fall if you offer one. Thank you.

  2. admin
    May 18, 2015

    Hi Julie, I’m offering a class at the Artists’ Studio Association in Lincoln City on 4 Saturdays in October. To register, visit

    If you are not local to Lincoln City and this comprehensive beginner class is too much travel, let me know. I’m still developing options that might include a one-day beginner-level project workshop. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Karyn Kistner
    January 12, 2018

    Hi Joanne. I live in Salem and I attended the exhibit at the Chessman gallery. That’s how I found you and Jennifer Kuhns. I have taken some beginner stained glass classes near me and one online class through on mosaic on rock. So I’m a beginner with a little….I am very interested in attending a workshop. Jennifer mentioned the Sitka Center in August. I would love to get more information on that workshop and anything else you have planned. I am in my 60’s and very interested and inspired about this beautiful art form.


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