60 Works, completed

Posted on Aug 7, 2018

In July, the final piece of my 60 works series was completed for an upcoming exhibit in Lincoln City. Hooray! Here’s an example of the little mosaics I made over 60 days, exploring two distinct materials and a seasonal range of subjects.  Learn about this series and the exhibit, here and here.

Two of my favorite materials to work with are stained glass and smalti, the traditional mosaic glass originally made in Italy.  They’re each a type of intensely colored art glass, but possess significantly different challenges and opportunities. From the outset, I decided to make all of the 60 works in pairs, with the first made using smalti for the tesserae (pieces) and the second in stained glass.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for each material and feel that I am able to “mix” colors with more ease and efficiency. As an example, creating realistic white flowers with mixed hues became more intuitive.

One experiment for me was using pigmented mortar on the substrate as “negative space.” This is something many contemporary mosaic artists are using to great effect, but they are mostly working in an abstract style. I wanted to see how it might work in my mosaics, since I use a more realistic (representational) style. It definitely intrigues me, and I am excited to incorporate some of this into larger works in future. 

Days 17 and 31, fern fiddleheads and beets.

The exhibit opens at the Chessman Gallery in the Lincoln City Cultural Center, this Friday August 10, 2018 with a reception from 5 to 7pm. All the works in this show are priced at $100 each to reflect that they are studies, or “sketches” in contrast to our usual gallery works. I’m looking forward to hearing insights from those in attendance, and hope to see you there!