30 Mosaics Challenge: Oregon Icons

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

As I cross the finish line today, the plants that inspired these 30 days of mosaics form a collection. To me it looks like home.

In this final set are two of my favorite broadleaf trees, Red Alder and Bigleaf Maple. When I was a kid, fall was celebrated by leaping into the pile of yellow leaves under that giant maple tree in our backyard.

There are the extravagant blooms of Western azalea that perfume the spring air, the late-summer fruits of evergreen huckleberry, and the tinsel-like strands of coast silktassel that appear in late winter.

And like the redwoods of California, our evergreen conifers define the Northwest landscape. Douglas fir, Western red cedar and Sitka spruce complete this collection of native plants.

Bigleaf Maple mosaic

Bigleaf Maple

Coast Silktassel mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Coast Silktassel

Douglas Fir mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Douglas Fir

Evergreen Huckleberry mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Evergreen Huckleberry

Red Alder mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Red Alder

Sitka Spruce mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Sitka Spruce

Western Azalea mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Western Azalea

Western Red Cedar mosaic by Joanne Daschel

Western Red Cedar