30 done, 30 more after a brief intermission

Posted on May 15, 2018

The first 30 mosaics

In April I completed a series of daily mosaics, working in tandem with my friend Katia Kyte on an upcoming exhibit. See more about it here.

I’m taking May off for a few reasons. First, I wanted to have a chance to step back and assess what I had learned in the first half, and what I might do differently or the same.

Second, I had several things this month like the Art on the EDGE open studio tour to plan for, that would have interrupted the daily flow and made it very stressful to keep on track. Which is not the point– this is about practice, not challenge!

But most importantly (to me), I wanted a definite break between spring and summer in my subject matter. Most of what I’m focused on in my work is observing nature in the moment, so for this exhibit I’m doing that too. My subjects in April are “Spring, Wild.” Nature around me in its wild state, untamed by humans: native plants, wild birds, sea creatures.  In June, my focus will shift to “Summer, Cultivated.” Nature showing humanity’s imprint: horticultural plants, vegetable gardens, maybe even a few creatures or introduced species that indicate our mark on this land.

On the technical side, I chose to explore the contrasts between my two favorite materials, stained glass and smalti (the traditional mosaic glass from Italy and Mexico). In the image above of the first 30, you’ll see pairs. The first is smalti, the second stained glass. It’s an exploration of the opportunities and challenges inherent in both materials. Stay tuned for the next 30.